My Blog in a nut shell 🙂


Thank you for “stumbling” upon my blog. My name is Sarah Bahloul; a 21-year-old girl that once picked her luggage and flew into a world unknown to her. With the help of my university and support from my friends and family, I took the opportunity to study, work and visit countries full of different cultures, people and secrets that you can only find out once you’re IN the country!

What makes my blog a little bit different is that I am not just any ordinary traveller; I am a muslim traveller! I want to show people that you shouldn’t let your differences or features chain you from doing what you dream of doing. Be it singing, dancing or travelling, your skin colour, religion views and disabilities should only be nothing but a feature that describes you and not a barrier against your dreams

I started my travels in August 19 2016 and I hope I can get to travel again after I graduate, and share my stories and emotions with all of you!


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