My Hong Kong experience

Another dimension, a different life

For someone who lived in Europe all her life, there is no other way to describe Hong Kong but it being a completely different world! Hong kong was the first distant country that I travelled to in my life. Honestly, I would lie if I said that it was my first choice of country to visit, but let’s just say “one thing led to another” and I ended up there.

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I stayed there for a period of 3 months and, as part of my degree program, I was enrolled in Hong Kong Baptist University, where I met many amazing people both internationals and locals. As the courses were pretty easy to follow and all taught in english, it gave many international students the chance to visit the place. Everything about Hong Kong is different: the food, the way people speak and interact and just the overall atmosphere. It was definitely an amazing and educational experience.

Two sides of Hong Kong: the rich and glamorous and the poor and traditional.


I had enough time to understand that there are two sides in Hong Kong and, believe me, the contrast between the two is amazingly large; its like visiting two different cities in one place! Places such as Mong Kok, Wong Tai Sin and Sham Shui Po are some of the poorest areas of the Region, but they’re definitely a must visit as, that is where you’ll see the traditional version of Hong Kong. When I first visited these areas I was just so amazed at what I was seeing, to the point that I though I stepped into a completely different world: neon lights and Chinese signs everywhere you go, stalls full of local cuisine in every corner of a building and huge skyscrapers surrounding me; it was crazy.

The smell can be a bit of a put off, especially since Hong Kong is a very humid country. But aside from that, the local food is great and the citizens living in this poor areas are the nicest people you’ll find 🙂


When you first type “Hong Kong” on Google, the first thing you find, of course, is its mesmerising skyscraper. Now imagine seeing it in real life. Mental.

Hong Kong is a booming region thanks to not only tourism but also because of their business relations with other countries. Hong Kong Island, Wan Chai and Stanley are some of the wealthiest areas of Hong Kong where the people residing there are known to be living a comfortable life. To be sincere, do not expect the place to be surrounded by the native citizens; most people living in this wealthy areas are mainly expatriates from Europe or America.

Overall, It was not simple to adapt to the place and it takes a lot of patience to be able to get used to the differences. But one thing for sure, I learnt so much about Hong Kong to the point that I have learnt to appreciate the benefits of visiting such a distant place. You can never understand someone’s culture or belief unless you explore his/her country. 


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